I'm Brandon Evans.

A-State Alumni. Photographer. Videographer. Graphic Designer. Writer. Social Media Fanatic.

I find that my natural curiosity and overall creativity have led to me becoming a man of many titles. If there is one thing that all of these titles have in common, it is that they all speak for my passion for being a storyteller.

While chasing this passion, I've found myself faced with many opportunities such as receiving several publications in magazines and newspapers, working with many companies, and gaining the attention of millions of people on social media.

It is a goal of mine to use my lens to capture the untold stories of the world by shining light on things that are often overlooked.

From grass-roots beginnings.

My creative journey started at the early age of 8 years old when my father gave me my first camera. Using this camera, I'd take my first photos and fall in love with the medium of photography.

My love for documenting life through photos would eventually lead me to create my own YouTube channel and evolve into my brand, BrandonsFilms. After many years of creating and telling stories, I decided to attend Arkansas State University, where I'd receive a Bachelor of Science in Creative Media Production.